Thursday, 23 June 2011

Vinyl lovin'

I love vinyl, im sure you do to but why are new tracks so damn expensive? I went to pick up a metric album from ye  olde record shop the other day and it cost me $30! What the hell? Its not  like the recording  technology changed when it comes to putting the grooves on the vinyl has it? It seems unfair that someone has to be 30 dollars for a vinyl album of a band when the cd itself is 15-20 dollars. I remember when things were the other way around, CDs were expensive and vinyl was cheap.

Another funny little story. I walked into sunrise records and browsed through the vinyl and came across a clash album for $40!! i scoffed at the price and walked downtown instead. There i found the same album for a toonie!  two dollars for a prestine condition clash album from a real record store! I hate sunrise, their prices are through the roof but where else can I get new age vinyl?
Any comments on that is appreciated because im sick of paying $30 an album.

Currently listening to:
Broken Social Scene- Might have been worth the $26 I spent on it :)


  1. Vinyl > CD's, that's a fact!

  2. haha miet is right!
    anyways nice blog, check out mine too i will follow yours!