Wednesday, 22 June 2011


This is my first blog, Ever actually...I imagine that its no different than the rants I used to go on during English, religion,philosophy and sociology exams. Having a  sudden surge of creative freedom is strangely exciting but overwhelming at the same time. Suddenly the internet is listening and I'm the speaker with no specific topic or direction. This blog will probably lack continuity when it comes to content because  I tend to jump from one thing to the next depending on how i feel so i could talk about how cancer sucks but then i'll probably talk about how I smoke if the situation arises or I could be super pissed off and  talk about running my car over a bridge and then talk about how much I love brio.

I don't expect people to actually read this because lets be severely honest; I don't provide anything worth while to you, I'm not incredibly thought provoking or intelligent and I refuse to "reblog" other shit. I'd rather have original thoughts and content on  here. Sometimes i'll post pictures I take as I am a photographer. but maybe later.
For now I bid you farewell

EDIT: Brilliant idea, I'm going to post one picture per day along with other stuff. First one comming

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