Sunday, 26 June 2011

Picture-a-day Sunday! QUICK EDITION

Heres a picture that I took. I'm in a hurry. saint Catharines scene fest! Cancer bats, silverstien, USS some other bands i'm supposed to like. GOTTA HURRY IT STARTED AN HOUR AGO

Alot of my photos will be under exposed or over exposed but thats the way I like it. I don't believe in post procecssing unless I'm getting paid to do it. If the picture didn't look good the first time there shouldn't be a second chance with the same picture. Try it again another day. Hipsters may know how to use photoshop but I know how to take a good template picture. I wish I could take this again properly but they demolished the factory in favor of a wallmart super center. GODDAMN YOU ECONOMY !



  1. Haha cool picture, hope you had fun

  2. sigh...all the great architecture ruined for Wal-Mart's profits.
    Where I grew up there was an old abandoned Ovaltine factory. It looked really cool and creepy and I loved going past it as a kid.
    It's also gone now, and a Wal-Mart stands there instead. It's sad.

  3. that are some really great photo's!
    thanks for sharing.