Friday, 24 June 2011

So some chick got mauled by a dog

Yeah some mom across the street was delivering newspapers and the big dog rushed the door, breaking it off and tearing her forearm apart. At first I thought she was laughing  but then I heard her scream "CALL 911, CALL MY HUSBAND"
My roomate and I rushed outside to see what the deal was and lo-and-behold the dog ripped some cartridge and other disgusting crap out of her arm. You know, the stuff that's supposed to stay inside your body and never see the light of day. Anyways i quickly related to any and every hospital show ever and fashioned a tourniquet out of my shirt to stop the bleeding. I put the first one just below the elbow to stop the cut off circulation and made another tourniquet for the wound itself. She wouldn't take her hand off the wound claiming that "stuff was falling out" I kept reassuring her that it was just blood. Oops...

After stopping the bleeding and 5 minutes  later the EMT crew showed  up and made a comment on my roomates hat. He was wearing a Habs hat and the EMT guy cracked a joke about it. They also complained about how tight i made the tourniquet. "Sorry for not studying up on the proper pressure of a tourniquet when applied to a wound."

After it was all said and done   the lady who owned the dog offered us beers but she didn't have any at the time.

Job well done team.

Now the serious part. That lady has the ability and the right to sue the owner of the dog effectively making that poor dog a dead dog walking. All he was doing was protecting the his territory but the fact that she was injured (although it wasn't THAT bad) is enough to justify  the death of the dog.

Sad end but it could take a while before he sees it.    


  1. Did the EMT guy also complain that you didn't stitch the wound ? What a jerk.

  2. wow. that's just nuts