Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Picture-a-day Tuesday! LATE AS SHIT EDITION

Sorry for being late, I was taking kids heads off with paintballs earlier with my girlfriend and her two friends at one of our local fields. Goddamn I love that game. So to today's days picture is paintball related. the only problem is that I had to steal it from my own Flickr because I lost all the originals. Smart.  

I took this picture at the flag raiders young gunz tournament. What a blast that was. I was allowed right on the field and everything.                        

Monday, 27 June 2011

Picture-a-day Monday! DOUBLE EDITION

Here is two pictures I want to share. why two? Because the  first  one  isn't really a photograph. It's more of a shot I snapped off quickly before the police noticed what I was doing. the date was June 26th 2010  and Toronto was about to see the biggest  fest of shit ever. Police cars burning, looting and destruction. All I caught was the calm before the storm because I had to work. I missed a hell of a time but  I feel that if I was there, I would have had my camera confiscated or thrown into one of those temporary holding cells  for a few days. Which did happen by the way. Canadians were treated like prisoners in their own country. If you were anywhere near something illegal that was happening, you were taken away in cuffs.   The worst part was that The safety committee  called in officers from all over Canada to help out so if you had some kind of complaint or wanted to sue, Good luck because  odds were that the officer who harassed you is across the country not giving a flying fuck.
 The second picture is at a waterfall in Erin, Ontario. There's a few more from this set I might post later because the place was so goddamn cool. I didn't want to post a picture of the waterfall itself because they all look the same, Water falling down vertically. woohoo...

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Picture-a-day Sunday! QUICK EDITION

Heres a picture that I took. I'm in a hurry. saint Catharines scene fest! Cancer bats, silverstien, USS some other bands i'm supposed to like. GOTTA HURRY IT STARTED AN HOUR AGO

Alot of my photos will be under exposed or over exposed but thats the way I like it. I don't believe in post procecssing unless I'm getting paid to do it. If the picture didn't look good the first time there shouldn't be a second chance with the same picture. Try it again another day. Hipsters may know how to use photoshop but I know how to take a good template picture. I wish I could take this again properly but they demolished the factory in favor of a wallmart super center. GODDAMN YOU ECONOMY !


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Picture-a-day Saturday!

This picture is from the same set that the pier shot was taken from but instead of being a dumbass and risking my life on the iceroad from hell, it was taken on the beach where it was safe to walk around. I actually walked out onto the ice flows but not too far. 

Friday, 24 June 2011

So some chick got mauled by a dog

Yeah some mom across the street was delivering newspapers and the big dog rushed the door, breaking it off and tearing her forearm apart. At first I thought she was laughing  but then I heard her scream "CALL 911, CALL MY HUSBAND"
My roomate and I rushed outside to see what the deal was and lo-and-behold the dog ripped some cartridge and other disgusting crap out of her arm. You know, the stuff that's supposed to stay inside your body and never see the light of day. Anyways i quickly related to any and every hospital show ever and fashioned a tourniquet out of my shirt to stop the bleeding. I put the first one just below the elbow to stop the cut off circulation and made another tourniquet for the wound itself. She wouldn't take her hand off the wound claiming that "stuff was falling out" I kept reassuring her that it was just blood. Oops...

After stopping the bleeding and 5 minutes  later the EMT crew showed  up and made a comment on my roomates hat. He was wearing a Habs hat and the EMT guy cracked a joke about it. They also complained about how tight i made the tourniquet. "Sorry for not studying up on the proper pressure of a tourniquet when applied to a wound."

After it was all said and done   the lady who owned the dog offered us beers but she didn't have any at the time.

Job well done team.

Now the serious part. That lady has the ability and the right to sue the owner of the dog effectively making that poor dog a dead dog walking. All he was doing was protecting the his territory but the fact that she was injured (although it wasn't THAT bad) is enough to justify  the death of the dog.

Sad end but it could take a while before he sees it.    

Its friday friday gotta get down on friday

The weekday is over and  its time to drink copious amounts of alcoholic beverages. Being a college kid, its  not to hard to find a bunch of people willing to go out to  some local watering hole and get silly but next weekend is the real prize of the summer, The port rowan wingding! Basically you pay 20 bucks to get into the firemans hall and eat all the wings you  want. Sounds like a fat kids dream but the real kicker is that my friends cousin's farm is across the street so we show up at 3 or 4 in the afternoon with a cooler of beer and drink till the hall opens up for the chicken wings. After that, the hall clears out and turns into a dance hall with plenty of drunken fun.

Last year i was wandering around port rowan when my bro came to find me. I kid you now this was the dialogue:
"Yo, what are you doing?"
"Dunno man just wandering around, the partys pretty dead over here"
"Well yeah its a morgue"

And we were standing beside a morgue.

By the way, that picture is a regular thursday night when session is in. Its called power hour and its dollar beers from 10-11 pm 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Picture-a-day Friday! IMPATIENT EDITION!

for some strange reason I felt like defying death this day. first off the pier was coated in 3-4 inchs of solid ice which was very very slippery. second, I had all my camera gear with me in a big backpack which made my center of gravity super fucked up. Third, it was obviously winter so the water is very cold and lastly I cant swim for shit. In the end, I got a cool photo to share so screw it all!

Edit: That's Toronto to the left on the horizon if you happened to be wondering   

ALICE: Madness Returns

I'm not even going to make a long post about this game. I'm just going to tell you to play it. Shut up and play Alice: Madness Returns because you won't regret it at all.

Slash peoples heads off, shoot at them with a pepper grinder. Get all CRAZY up in wonderland.

Picture-a-day Thursday!

Abandoned and half demolished school,  I have a fond habit of trespassing into places I was never meant to go and taking pictures but nothing else. I figure that there are more  people  like me who just want to take pictures so why destroy it for them too? Leave that to the young kids who want to break shit  for the sole purpose of breaking shit. They'll grow up eventually and realize what a bunch of little shits they've been.
Take only pictures, leave only footprints.              


I didn't think it would happen this quickly but I think im addicted to blogging! The idea of a bunch of people being interested in what I have to say is kind of exciting.

Heres a question for you. Have you ever tried Brio Chinotto?
My family is Italian and I was raised with this soft drink, Its unlike anything I've tasted.  The closest thing I guess would be dr.pepper(probably because its like 58 flavors in one)

Do you or eat or drink anything that you think is different for the culture that you live in now?

Vinyl lovin'

I love vinyl, im sure you do to but why are new tracks so damn expensive? I went to pick up a metric album from ye  olde record shop the other day and it cost me $30! What the hell? Its not  like the recording  technology changed when it comes to putting the grooves on the vinyl has it? It seems unfair that someone has to be 30 dollars for a vinyl album of a band when the cd itself is 15-20 dollars. I remember when things were the other way around, CDs were expensive and vinyl was cheap.

Another funny little story. I walked into sunrise records and browsed through the vinyl and came across a clash album for $40!! i scoffed at the price and walked downtown instead. There i found the same album for a toonie!  two dollars for a prestine condition clash album from a real record store! I hate sunrise, their prices are through the roof but where else can I get new age vinyl?
Any comments on that is appreciated because im sick of paying $30 an album.

Currently listening to:
Broken Social Scene- Might have been worth the $26 I spent on it :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I took this, I really like it and I thought you might too


This is my first blog, Ever actually...I imagine that its no different than the rants I used to go on during English, religion,philosophy and sociology exams. Having a  sudden surge of creative freedom is strangely exciting but overwhelming at the same time. Suddenly the internet is listening and I'm the speaker with no specific topic or direction. This blog will probably lack continuity when it comes to content because  I tend to jump from one thing to the next depending on how i feel so i could talk about how cancer sucks but then i'll probably talk about how I smoke if the situation arises or I could be super pissed off and  talk about running my car over a bridge and then talk about how much I love brio.

I don't expect people to actually read this because lets be severely honest; I don't provide anything worth while to you, I'm not incredibly thought provoking or intelligent and I refuse to "reblog" other shit. I'd rather have original thoughts and content on  here. Sometimes i'll post pictures I take as I am a photographer. but maybe later.
For now I bid you farewell

EDIT: Brilliant idea, I'm going to post one picture per day along with other stuff. First one comming