Thursday, 23 June 2011

Picture-a-day Friday! IMPATIENT EDITION!

for some strange reason I felt like defying death this day. first off the pier was coated in 3-4 inchs of solid ice which was very very slippery. second, I had all my camera gear with me in a big backpack which made my center of gravity super fucked up. Third, it was obviously winter so the water is very cold and lastly I cant swim for shit. In the end, I got a cool photo to share so screw it all!

Edit: That's Toronto to the left on the horizon if you happened to be wondering   


  1. This is really cool! I'm following, I'll come back often :D

  2. Woot! Nothing makes you feel more alive than defying death

  3. I'm currently experiencing summer in Arkansas, and that looks like heaven in comparison.

  4. The picture is a great reason to put your life to risk.

  5. Picture turned out nice!
    Very interesting blog!
    Check mine out!

  6. i would slide all over that shiz!