Thursday, 21 July 2011

holy shit i've been dead for three weeks

Sorry about not posting lately. Southern  Ontario has been in a massive heat wave and i've been spending more time at work than anywhere else because they have AC lol.Heres a few pictures for being such a dick lately
 This one was obviously set up. The cans were lying around and I decided to set them up in a nice fashion. There are a few more from this set but I lost them when that stupid POS hard drive crashed
 This one is another on of my favorites. Contrary to what it looks like, I did not screw around with it in photoshop. Like I said in a previous post, I hate post processing.  It was taken in a silo that was moss covered and when the flash went off in a upward position the colours came out very green. I even decided to name this one "Celtic Bricks"  Good times.
 This poor bastard burnt down. It used to sit beside the oldest train station in my town (decommissioned) before a bunch of unruly teenagers decided to burn it to the ground. I'm sad that I never got into the train station to take pictures . I was told there was a lot of old documents, passenger lists and train schedules etc. but I am happy I got a picture of the caboose before it disappeared into the ground like everything else
 This is a shot of my buddy Kenny dropping from one rooftop to another. he was a very talented skater before he decided school was more important. I can't blame him for that decision. the rooftop is about 12-14 feet high. Serious injury could have occurred but it didn't. We ended up getting kicked off the roof by the owner.

Anyways Here ya go. Be back soon.

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